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Ramboll employs 13,000 committed professionals, working in numerous teams. We are always on the lookout for innovative, resourceful, professional and experienced colleagues. Ramboll is an equal opportunities employer.


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Job titleWorkplaceApply before
REC - Design Engineer - Electrical - MEP (RSE)Gurgaon2017-12-19
REC- Design Engineer- Concrete -Structure- RSEGurgaon2018-01-30
Modeller- BIM- Revit- Structures (RFI)Gurgaon2018-01-31
Modeller- BIM- Revit- Structures (RFI)Gurgaon2018-02-01
REC - Senior CAD Technician - Structures (RUK)Gurgaon2017-11-29
REC - Design Engineer - Electrical - MEP (RFI)Gurgaon2017-12-29
REC - Modeller - BIM - HVAC - MEP (RDK)Gurgaon2017-12-29
Senior Technician - PHEMumbai2017-11-28
REC - Design Engineer - Bridges& Civils (RSE)Gurgaon2018-08-07
REC - Team Lead - Bridges & Civils (RUK)Gurgaon2018-02-13
REC - Design Engineer - Geotechnical - Bridges & Civils (RFI)Gurgaon2018-02-13
REC - Senior Design Engineer - Bridges & Civils (RFI)Gurgaon2018-02-13
REC - Design Engineer - Bridges (RNO)Gurgaon2018-02-13
CAD Technician - BridgesGurgaon2017-12-31
Assistant Design Engineer-BridgesGurgaon2017-12-14
Job Posting Title Assistant Design Engineer-BridgesGurgaon2017-12-30
Design Engineer BridgesGurgaon2018-02-14
Design Engineer BridgesGurgaon2018-02-14
REC- Senior Design Engineer - Roads (RSE)Gurgaon2017-11-29
REC- Senior Design Engineer - Roads (RSE)Gurgaon2017-11-29
Energy and Oil/Gas
Circle Project ManagerCochin2017-12-31
Engineer for Production QualityGhaziabad2017-11-30
Engineer - QualityGreater Noida2017-11-29
REC - Senior CAD Technician - WaterGurgaon2018-02-13
REC - Design Engineer - Drainage - WaterGurgaon2018-02-13
Business Support
Systems Engineer - Alert & MonitoringGurgaon2017-12-19
Trainee – Recruitment ConsultantGurgaon2017-11-30
LMS Senior ConsultantGurgaon2017-11-30
Advance Associate – P2PGurgaon2017-11-29
Release Process ManagerGurgaon2017-11-29
Project AccountantMumbai2017-12-17